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Creating home environments for the spirit

Our projects are as unique as our clients. Whether aware of it or not, each person has their own unique contribution towards their individual style, and it is our job to act as navigator. The process is always collaborative with an emphasis on fresh, approachable aesthetics. Helping to create a home that says “style” while nurturing the needs for comfort are at the forefront. Timeless -modern design paired with organic form are a trademark .

A home for entertaining, a home for friends, a home for family, a home for retreating….all of these things are taken into consideration and explored in the process. Encouraging our clients to take advantage of all of the latest advances in sustainable and renewable resources, it is our belief that contributing to the well being of our planet is one of the elements of creating a positive home environment and a better world. We welcome you to explore the possibilities with us.

Visuals founder Sheri Armor has been creating unique home environments in the greater Bay and beyond since completing her Interior Design and Art degree at California State University Fullerton in 1987. Projects include residences in Marin County, Hawaii, Carmel and the Northern California Wine Country. Belonging to The American Society of Interior Designers and participating in local Showhouses and home tours, Visuals projects have been published locally and in home magazines such as House to Home and Renovations.

Sheri Armor