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A Walk through a recently staged home in Mill Valley, CA

Benefits of professionally staging your listings:

  • Professionally staged homes show better than competing listings and will stand out in prospective buyers’ minds.
  • Staged properties sell faster than homes that have not been staged. From the date of listing until the day of closing, home staging shortens the sales timeline.
  • Buyers view staged listings as “well-maintained”. They perceive the home to be cleaner and more updated than they would without staging.
  • Buyers become emotionally attached to a staged home. Rather than wondering about the owners, they imagine themselves living in the property. Once a buyer is emotionally attached, they are more inclined to overlook flaws.
  • Buyers’ agents recognize that professionally staged listings are “move-in” ready and are more inclined to show staged properties. Agents prefer to show well-presented homes to their buyer clients because they are easier to sell!
  • Photos of professionally staged listings look better in print and web media. Vacant or cluttered rooms do not photograph well and without great photos, the benefits of online & print marketing are severely diminished.

Does staging work?

YES. Homes that are staged typically sell for at least 1-5% more and sell faster than non-staged homes. (Some say there is a 10-15% bump in sales price when you professionally stage your home.) Our suggested pre-sale improvements usually cost anywhere from $7,000-$20,000, depending on square footage & property condition.

Example: $750,000 home
–> 1-5% value increase after staging
= $7,500-$37,500 gain vs.
risk of spending $7,000-$10,000.

Example: $1,000,000 home
–> 1-5% value increase after staging
= $10,000 – $50,000 gain vs.
risk of spending $10,000- $20,000.00

Example: $1,500,000 home
–> 1-5% value increase after staging
= $15,000 – $75,000 gain vs.
risk of spending $15,000- $25,000.00

Worst-case scenario:

Generally speaking, the worst-case scenario is that you will break even on the cost of the pre-sale improvements. You will still benefit from an easier, faster sale with less room for negotiation during escrow and a more emotionally attached, committed buyer. On its own, this is a big win! Your staging experience should be a positive one. Professional home stagers are trained to see what you cannot. Staging is not about you or your personal taste. It is about preparing and marketing your property to appeal to the most qualified buyers in order to sell for more money, in less time.