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Remodeling Services

If you have decided it's time for change, take time to be sure that you and your designer/contractor have a clear understanding of direction. Asking yourself the following questions will help you prepare for meetings:

  • Is this your first remodeling process?
  • Do you have a sketch of your ideas or clips from magazines that show rooms you prefer?
  • What is the goal of your new space? (e.g. updated features, more natural light, larger/smaller, additional family members?).
  • What do you like or dislike about your current space?
  • What type of design do you want for your new space: traditional, contemporary, French country, American country, etc.?
  • Should your new floor plan consider redirected traffic, improved space planning and/or more efficient storage? Will this include a room addition?
  • Are you considering changing doors or windows or the size of your space?
  • How important are brand name of materials, project budget, project timeframe, function of space, look of space, traffic flow through space, and energy efficiency to you?
  • Who resides in the home (adults, children and pets)?
  • Does anyone in the family have special needs requiring access consideration?
  • What is your estimated budget for this project?

Questions for your designer/contractor to ensure understanding of services:

  • Are any of our project goals not attainable?
  • Can this project be completed within our proposed budget?
  • How do we go about choosing our paint colors, appliances, etc.?
  • What is your estimate for the completion date for this project?
  • Who will be my primary and alternate contacts?
  • Can you arrange moving and storage for our items, or do we need to do that ourselves?
  • Will I receive sufficient prior notice if my water and power will be turned off?
  • What hours will people be working in my home? How many people will there be?
  • Will a dumpster and portable toilet be place on my property? Will you be responsible for maintaining and emptying them?
  • Will the crew be responsible for daily cleanup?
  • How will my home exterior and landscaping be protected from workers and machinery?